Ayo Awe-Joseph



Ayo Awe-Joseph is a kingdom teacher of the word and a Jazz saxophonist; he plays the Tenor saxophone and minor on the trombone, piano, and drums.
He has traveled extensively ministering in music. 

He began his musical exploits in the late 80's while in the military pursuing a career in the Army. 

Till date, he has released two albums; What A Friend and Pleasant Places.

He also recently released a live single "Ta lo dabi re".  

 Ayo Awe-Joseph is a social reformer, he has lent his voice and time to propagate good governance in Nigeria.

Presently, Ayo lives in Lagos. He is married to Oluwatoyin Awe-Joseph and they have 2 lovely children, their daughter Feola and their son Niola.